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vi_z's Journal

Viktor Zhumatiy / Віктор Жуматій
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" Trespass the limits of possible."

Major interests

My major interest is Artificial Intelligence. Most of my ~150 interests listed below derive from my interest in AI. Of these psychology and, more recently, economics are most prominent.

My second major interest is martial arts.

LJ Use Vision

LJ, especially its Russian speaking area, allows to communicate with many talanted people with varying backgrounds. Unlike other post-centric blog systems, its tree-based commenting system allows for prolific enlightening disussions. People dispersed throughout the world may easily form temporary discussion communities. The pace of discussion is slower than real-time, allowing for both reflection and checking of references.

Certainly, as for any other novel internet resource (like, e.g., ICQ), the average quality of new people coming in to LJ decays with time. But for a patient mind miner the system provides unprecedented possiblilities for intelligent communication and personal growth.

LJ Language Policy

Most records here are in English and Russian, but they might also be in Italian, Ukrainian, and Japanese. Usually I try to write in the language I feel most readers for the topic can read; if you see a message in a language you do not know and guess you might be interested, feel free to ask me to add translation to your preferred language.


Some impression of the music I like may be acquired from


It should be noted that audioscrobbler logs the music that I listen from my computer but not from my portable MP3-player. Most music -- and the music that I listen most to -- is actually played from the portable MP3 player. Thus the most listened music may not appear at all in audioscrobbler, and my search for new music, on the opposite, is overrepresented in audoscrobbler statistics.

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Most important people

t_gra, lzh, alogic, vinopivets, mathemajician

Some posts

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